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  • Berlaimont Estates
  • Expansive scenery
  • Pristine nature

On the north side of Interstate 70, six miles from the town of Edwards, is a 680-acre private parcel known as Berlaimont Estates. With unobstructed views, pristine nature and easy access to the most renowned ski resort communities in the world, Berlaimont Estates will develop 19 residential home sites of 35 acres or larger.

Through thoughtful planning with the local community, with particular concern for mountain bikers, road bikers and hikers, the owners and developers of Berlaimont Estates wish to create a unique, sustainable development. Berlaimont Estates vision focuses on low-density, limited impact living that preserves the picturesque environment and pristine natural surroundings of the property.

  • Extremely low density compared to nearby and similarly located developments
  • Strict attention to conservation and environmental protection
  • Thorough consideration of public safety and fire mitigation
  • Named for a Village in France’s Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy region
  • Reduced residential density and commitment to sustainability
  • Purchased the 680-acre property in 2008
  • Property was divided into 19 parcels in 2011 after careful planning with the Eagle County master plan development guidelines
  • Resource zone district establishes use by right
  • Low density development of one unit on 35 acres
  • Property is located north of Edwards, Eagle County, CO
  • Formerly known as Edwards Overlook
  • The property is an “In-holding,” within the White River National Forest
  • Located on the north side of Interstate 70
  • Distance to Edwards, CO approximately 6 miles

Berlaimont Estates applied for a permanent easement across National Forest System lands, seeking to accommodate permanent, year-round vehicular access to the property. The proposed access, approximately 5.3 miles, will utilize and improve the existing Forest Service Road network to minimize disturbance and limit construction impact.

In 2014, the Eagle County Board of County Commissioners granted a variance from dual access standard while providing for emergency turnout spacing, and road design standards. The design of the proposed road ensures public safety while creating the least environmental impact in accessing the property.

Berlaimont Estates firmly commits itself to principles of sustainable development. By leveraging extensive development experience and collaborating with local experts, professionals and community stakeholders, Berlaimont Estates strives to protect the environment within the development as well as in the surrounding areas in order to conserve and enhance recreational opportunities within the neighborhood. Berlaimont Estates focuses on reduced density, various mitigation measures such as the Wildland Fire Mitigation Plan, strict adherence to construction and design standards, CC&R and the Homeowners Association governing documents. Diligent planning and oversight will allow Berlaimont Estates to create a unique low-density development and minimize its resource impact.

  • Strict adherence to construction and design standards to minimize environmental impact
  • Extremely low density compared to nearby and similarly located developments
  • Further reduced density and limited number of Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Focus on public safety and conserving and enhancing recreational opportunities
  • Berlaimont Estate is committed to environmental protection
  • Various habitat enhancements will take place to protect wildlife
  • Mitigation measures planned to minimize disturbance
  • Improved road and drainage infrastructure will reduce noise, dust, and improve the quality of water runoff
  • Strict construction and community guidelines to protect the environment
  • Road design utilizes existing Forest Service Road network and copies existing road beds
  • Road design avoids excessive cuts and fills and needs for large retaining walls
  • Altered emergency turnout spacing minimizes construction and visual impact
  • Utilities buried in the proposed roadbed to reduce impact

Berlaimont Estates LLC is a Colorado limited liability company created to manage the responsible development of the Berlaimont Estates project.

The President of the company is Jana Sobotova, and the company is owned by Cimex Invest Inc, Florida-based enterprise that is owned by Mrs. Jana Sobotova and Mr. Petr Lukes.


Mrs. Jana Sobotova

Jana Sobotova possesses a unique business background with specialization in executive management of real estate, real estate development and asset management ventures both in the United States and Europe. A native of the Czech Republic, Jana divides her time between Colorado and Florida. Through her managerial entity ACM, Jana utilizes more than 15 years of executive experience with various real estate projects in Eagle County. In her free time, Jana enjoys skiing on the slopes of the Beaver Creek Mountain or hiking on local trails with her children and family.


Mr. Petr Lukes

Petr Lukes, an international entrepreneur currently focuses on strategic oversight of various real estate and asset management projects. Petr came to the United States from the Czech Republic and travels frequently between his homes in Colorado and Florida. His unique business background and Eagle County real estate market expertise helped to establish the Berlaimont Estates project. You can often see Petr piloting aircrafts out of Eagle Airport, crushing vertical feet on the ski slopes or mountain biking on the Valley’s extensive trail system.


Mr. Vaclav Vochoska

Vaclav Vochoska serves as the owner’s representative and project lead for Berlaimont Estates with focus on project management and business development. Following his studies at University of California in Berkeley and 5-year tenure in economic diplomacy in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA, Vaclav joined the Berlaimont Team and instantly fell in love with Colorado Rockies. Vaclav enjoys most of the outdoor sports with special passion for rowing and skiing and you may often see him hiking above the Beaver Lake or running on the village-to-village trail.

Berlaimont Estates, LLC

(Colorado limited liability company)

5150 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 503

Naples, FL 34103

(239) 649 1661


Project Representative

Dominic Mauriello

Mauriello Planning Group, LLC

P.O. Box 4777E

Eagle, CO 81631