On the north side of Interstate 70, six miles from the town of Edwards, is a 680-acre private parcel known as Berlaimont Estates. With unobstructed views, pristine nature and easy access to the most renowned ski resort communities in the world, Berlaimont Estates will develop 19 residential home sites of 35 acres or larger.

Through thoughtful planning with the local community, with particular concern for mountain bikers, road bikers and hikers, the owners and developers of Berlaimont Estates wish to create a unique, sustainable development. Berlaimont Estates vision focuses on low-density, limited impact living that preserves the picturesque environment and pristine natural surroundings of the property.

  • Extremely low density compared to nearby and similarly located developments
  • Strict attention to conservation and environmental protection
  • Thorough consideration of public safety and fire mitigation
  • Named for a Village in France’s Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy region
  • Reduced residential density and commitment to sustainability
  • Purchased the 680-acre property in 2008
  • Property was divided into 19 parcels in 2011 after careful planning with the Eagle County master plan development guidelines
  • Resource zone district establishes use by right
  • Low density development of one unit on 35 acres
  • Property is located north of Edwards, Eagle County, CO
  • Formerly known as Edwards Overlook
  • The property is an “In-holding,” within the White River National Forest
  • Located on the north side of Interstate 70
  • Distance to Edwards, CO approximately 6 miles