Berlaimont Estates firmly commits itself to principles of sustainable development. By leveraging extensive development experience and collaborating with local experts, professionals and community stakeholders, Berlaimont Estates strives to protect the environment within the development as well as in the surrounding areas in order to conserve and enhance recreational opportunities within the neighborhood. Berlaimont Estates focuses on reduced density, various mitigation measures such as the Wildland Fire Mitigation Plan, strict adherence to construction and design standards, CC&R and the Homeowners Association governing documents. Diligent planning and oversight will allow Berlaimont Estates to create a unique low-density development and minimize its resource impact.

  • Strict adherence to construction and design standards to minimize environmental impact
  • Extremely low density compared to nearby and similarly located developments
  • Further reduced density and limited number of Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Focus on public safety and conserving and enhancing recreational opportunities
  • Berlaimont Estate is committed to environmental protection
  • Various habitat enhancements will take place to protect wildlife
  • Mitigation measures planned to minimize disturbance
  • Improved road and drainage infrastructure will reduce noise, dust, and improve the quality of water runoff
  • Strict construction and community guidelines to protect the environment
  • Road design utilizes existing Forest Service Road network and copies existing road beds
  • Road design avoids excessive cuts and fills and needs for large retaining walls
  • Altered emergency turnout spacing minimizes construction and visual impact
  • Utilities buried in the proposed roadbed to reduce impact